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Welcome to Oniricide Website


May, 14th

Oniricide will partecipate at METAL WE TRUST FEST @ Patchanka in Chieri, Italy.

April, 15th

Oniricide partecipated at World Acle Day and won the awards for "Best Group" Photo and donated for charity to improve education in Birmania schools.

Febraury, 27th

Release Party at Birreria dei Rubinetti (Carignano), to celebrate all together the new album Revenge of Souls.

Febraury, 13th

New live at Inferno Café Turin for Infernal Metal Fest with Vampyrian Symphonies and Murder.

Febraury, 7th

Crowdfunding is finished! Thank you to all supporters!

Who we are

Oniricide was born in June 2011 from an idea by Andrea Pelliccioni (guitarist) and Daniele Pelliccioni (drummer and keyboardist). They started composing and arranging new songs by mixing different styles of music and sounds together, such as symphonic metal, prog metal and classical music. At that time the project was called Agony Oniricide. Meanwhile, keyboards and sequenced orchestrations were added to the songs and some of the original members left the band for personal reasons.
In 2013, Mara Cek Cecconato, lead vocalist, joined the band; she is actively involved with the lyrics writing process. After a quiet period in which Daniele switched between keyboards and drums, in June 2014, bass player Luca Liuk Abate joined the project and added his contribution to the rhythm section.
The four musicians agreed that it was time to change something, starting from the name of the project which became Oniricide. They abandoned “Agony” which they considered an unlucky word.
On Febraury 27th, 2016 Oniricide released the debut album "Revenge of Souls" available in digital version on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and physical version directly from the band (for further info mail to

Listen to our songs


You could buy digital copies of "Revenge of Souls" here:

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  • You could listen "Revenge of Souls" here and follow Oniricide:

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  • You could buy CD "Revenge of Souls" directly from this website:

  • CD Revenge of Souls
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  • Oniricide T-shirt
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